Kate studied painting 1969-1972 at Manchester College of Art and Design gaining BA(Hons), DA(Manc). She currently teaches Life Drawing at Handel's Court Gallery, Chester and is a member of Cheshire Artists Network. She has held several artist residencies.Type your paragraph here.



(Creatures of the Earth)

"I love Kate McKennan's work for its imaginative use of creatures interposed with humans and their activities.  Humans and their problems are portrayed as part of the animal life on earth.  The minute detail of  much of her work is amazing and can be viewed over and over again to see new aspects of a complicated painting."


"Breathtaking and inspiring"

"Intricate and fascinating"

"Some very beautiful images that draw one in and involve one in their narratives"

"We came in from a grey day and were mesmerised by the light and beauty of these colourful pieces.  Thank you"

"I love the complexity and detail of your work.  The boldness of colour and fragility  is exquisite. ' Leaves From Giverny' is incredibly beautiful and the earthy 'Women and their Children' fantastic! Thank you."

"One of the best exhibitions I have seen in ages - intricate, subtle - endlessly fascinating."

"Really astonishing work.  Loved the monotones especially"

"Beautiful work.  Such detail!"

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